About: Robert Hall Insurance.

In 1949 Robert A Hall, better known as Bob, had a vision and that was to serve his community and give back as it had given to him. As a familiar face at Hall Funeral Home, now Hall Baker Funeral home, Bob began Robert Hall Insurance and Real Estate.

Bob ran the business himself as president for over 40 years with the help of his wife Violet, a wonderful staff and eventually his sons Robert S and William. In the mid 1990's Robert S Hall, Steve, took the helm and started to run the business until 2013.

Steve's goal and reason for business was, like his fathers simple. It is to provide the best insurance service possible and help his clients in any way when they need it.

In early 2013, Michael W. Deer took over as agency President.

Robert Steven Hall is still involved in the agency. He sits on the Board of Directors as Chairman Emeritus.

Michael W. Deer, along with the Board of Directors still shares the same principle that has always been a part of Robert Hall Insurance since the begining. Offering our insured's the best insurance products and services at the best possible price. Our goal is to make insurance as simple as possible, at the most affordable cost.

We only use highly rated insurance carriers who we know will provide the best products and services for our insured's.

The agency was and is to this day an independent insurance agency, representing several companies that could find the best fit of coverage and interests for it's clients.